I’m Jade - but some people call me the B2B Marketing therapist.

Hello lovely

My personality is:

A fearless leader with a persistent nature but also meticulous about how I get my work done!

A mix between Monica from Friends and Sophia From Girlboss on Netflix 

"Don't give up, don't take anything personally, and don't take no for an answer." - Sophia

"Rules help control the fun!" - Monica

These quotes just about sum me up:

See my B2B Marketing Journey

It hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows - it’s been quite a journey for me! Full of mistakes, hard times, tough job shifts, and lots of learning along the way!

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2005 - 2006

Left my college art folder on the bus and didn’t care enough to go after it. That was the moment I realised art school was not for me! I landed a random sales job in the paper and ended up selling data to B2B marketing directors - I loved it!

2007 - 2008

I dreamed of joining the marketing team but I still thought ROI meant “Republic of Ireland”. I needed a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification to move forward in marketing but I couldn't afford CIM events so I handed out biscuits in return for free entry. I saved up and did my qualification introduction certificate.

Left Art College to Find My Own Path! ✨

Discovered I Dreamed of Marketing 😍


Rejected from 11 marketing interviews, until my break. I became Marketing Assistant for a division of one of the biggest companies in the world, DS Smith Plc. I still remember getting the call - I ran out the building with tears running down my face. I had done it. I worked in marketing!

2011 - 2015

I was awarded New Marketer of The Year, and inducted to the board of the CIM in Wales. Promoted to Marketing Manager then promoted again to lead the international marketing team where I hired a whole team and had a blast! Made the chair of the CIM. 

Rejections, rejections, but then… 👀

2015 Top of My Marketing Game 🙌


Left my position for another where big lessons were learnt and I nearly left marketing altogether! In this season I set up my own company since so many people were asking me for marketing advice.


Hurray postnatal depression and anxiety! Had my first baby, hit a wall, and it took 18 months out to settle into being a mum and work on my recovery: biggest breakthrough ever, stronger mindset than ever.

Huge Life Changes - but It Made Me Stronger 💪

Is Marketing Still for Me? 😥

2019 - 2021

We are back at it! I pivoted to more of a consulting role in my business vs doing campaigns for clients. Had my second baby, and took a nice year off for cuddles. 


B2B Jade is born! I launched on TikTok and my podcast, began my journey toward becoming an online educator.


Reached 23k followers on TikTok and big growth on the podcast, booked out with inbound clients, and brand partnerships with the likes of Adobe and Pipedrive. I began working on B2B Breakthrough Academy after listening to what marketers really want. Now I’m putting my heart and soul into delivering it.

Finding My Stride 😄

A New Era Begins 🥳

Loving the Life I’ve Built  ❤️

Everything you need to know about me

Hello there! I’m Jade…

I wear multiple hats as a Marketing Coach and Course Leader at the B2B Breakthrough Academy. You might have come across me as a TikTok influencer and podcaster, collaborating as an influencer with renowned brands like Adobe and Pipedrive.

Throughout my 17+ year career I’ve been honoured with “Marketer of the Year" at the CIM Wales Awards, and "Brand Strategy of the Year" at both The B2B Marketing Awards and The Drum Marketing Awards. I'm proud to have been ranked 22nd in "Onalytica's Top 100 US and UK B2B Marketing Influencers" and featured in Axonn Media's "Top 140 Global Content Marketing Influencers." 

I've taken on pivotal roles, including leading an international marketing department at FTSE 100 company DS Smith PLC and holding Director-level positions in various businesses. I've also had the privilege of serving as the Chair of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Wales board, and was part of the international CIM Membership and the Professional Advisory Group (MPAG).

But what I really want to do now is help the B2B Marketers who are struggling, because I’ve been there too. I want to help them stand up for themselves and give them the tools to fight the marketing gap and see their marketing succeed!

Get to know me a bit more

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I’m a minimalist at heart - I love the spaces where things could be, but aren't. Creativity flows better when there's room for my mind to breathe!

I watch Girlboss about every 2 months - Sophia is so unafraid of who she is and that reminds me to tap into my authentic self and not people please (too much)!

My idea of food heaven is a zucchini and prawn pasta with plenty of garlic, tomato and a side of garlic cheese bread.

I get really mad at tiny things like the dip missing from an uber order. But I can handle life’s big stuff - for me, the little things are what keep us going! 

I live for a coffee and cake break (don’t alllll marketers?).

My favourite album of all time is Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill - so much nostalgia! But my deep focus album is Lydian Collective - Adventure for when I need to get things done.

I have two daughters, my eldest loves pretending to type and when i ask what she’s working on she says ‘b2b marketing’.

I live in Wales in the United Kingdom - near the sea and mountains! I grew up in a small surfing town on the coast though I am hopeless at surfing.

I love a funky pair of trainers.

When I started in marketing in 2009 I logged so many sales leads that my party trick became knowing every region in the UK by the first two letters of it’s postcode.

My biggest mistake in marketing was ordering mouse mats as promotional giveaways that literally didn't work - sales were not happy with me that week.

My marketing vision? A world where every B2B company sees marketing as their growth engine, giving marketers the respect and appreciation they've always deserved!

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